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排量(CC):1197  |  功率:96Kw @ 8700rpm


No compromises for a bike with nothing but pure fun in its sights.Explosively powerful, extremely agile and performance-focused, this exclusive twin-cylinder motard has been created to satisfy even the most discerning of riders who demand the best in a bike.A totally personalisable riding experience with triple-map ride by wire.Building on unique expertise and skills gathered in the world of racing, Aprilia continues to evolve its large-capacity, high-performance range. Dorsoduro 1200 is a heady cocktail of power, agility and precision - which is synonymous with pure fun in a motorcycle.Extreme, powerful and exhilarating like nothing else in its class, the new Dorsoduro 1200 simply represents the best that a maximotard has to offer a rider in terms of performance, precision and excitement.Dorsoduro 1200 is the new benchmark in the maxi motard class. An all-new record breaking twin cylinder powerplant producing an astonishing 130 hp in an incredible light and nimble chassis. With its sleek forms, broad handlebars, superb attention to detail and premium componentry, this motorcycle represents the zenith of the twin-cylinder maximotard class. Dorsoduro 1200 is an explosive cocktail of horsepower, agility and precision that takes the concept of fun riding introduced by the Dorsoduro 750 to the next level.Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 combines power and agility, sportiness and essentiality, bringing together the best aspects of the street sports bike and Supermoto genres. The result is the distilled essence of performance and technology, to reward the rider with unparalleled riding ple
排量(CC):839  |  功率:56Kw @ 8000rpm


继MANA850在qy70千亿国际坛中推出手自排变速箱这一革命性技术之后,Aprilia公司再以全新高舒适、保护标准,呈现出新MANA GT850,两款各具独特风格。过弯性能出色,道路表现无坚不摧,无论驾驭千里或是在城市中穿梭都能让你感受其奔放和全程前所未有的快意。凭着Aprilia精湛的技术和创新设计,有着卓越性能和过人表现的MANA GT850和MANA 850掀开了qy70千亿国际世界的一个全新领域。享受,轻便,舒适,安全,想你所想,超越平凡!集所有梦想于一身,满足不同需求!得车若此,夫复何求!电控自动变速箱能轻松征服各种路况,内外兼修造就完美驾驶。超灵敏感应地盘,确保整体性能的极致发挥。无可比拟的大容量头盔箱。双通道ABS系统,提供高安全保护。独家GT赛车样式设计的可调整导流罩,更是进一步提升了全车的安全性。MANA GT850 和 MANA 850