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成立于: 1923年
国别: 德国
品牌官网: http://www.bmw-motorrad.com.cn/cn/zh/
不惧突破,勇于创新。 BMWqy70千亿国际从1923年起便致力于创造独具魅力、动感十足的骑行杰作。无论是集激情和创新于一身的qy70千亿国际及配件;还是将科技与美学完美融合的骑行装备;亦或是展现自我风尚的服饰精品,BMW始终一往无前,力争更臻新境。其2014年新品除继承BMW摩托一贯高贵的血统外,更以傲领同侪的科技和不平凡设计,打造前所未见的创世杰作征服世界,令世人叹为观止。此外BMWqy70千亿国际还提供除车之外的其他产品和服务,以及与其官方合作伙伴一同提供的专业骑行培训教程和全球顶级摩旅休闲活动。 The company began as an aircraft engine manufacturer in the early 20th century and through World War I. BMW manufactured its first motorcycle in 1923, the R32, which featured a flat-twin boxer engine. BMW Motorrad still uses the flat-twin boxer configuration, but now manufactures motorcycles with a variety of engine configurations. All BMW Motorrad's motorcycle production takes place at its plant in Berlin, Germany, although some engines are manufactured in Austria, China, and Taiwan. Most of the current motorcycles in BMW Motorrad's range were designed by David Robb, who was the company's chief designer from 1993 to 2012 when he was replaced by Edgar Heinrich. BMW Motorrad produced 82,631 motorcycles in 2009,compared with 104,220 in 2008,a fall of 20.7% The most popular model is the R1200GS and its sibling R1200GS Adventure, which sold 24,467 units – accounting for 28% of BMW's annual production. Current production includes a variety of shaft, chain, and belt driven models, with engines from 650 cc to 1,649 cc; and models designed for off-road, dual-purpose, sport, and touring activities. In 2008, BMW introduced the DOHC Boxer HP2 Sport,and entered the serious off-road competition motorcycle market with the release of the BMW G450X motorcycle. BMW Motorrad motorcycles are categorized into product families, and each family is assigned a different letter prefix. The current families are:  
  • C series – Maxi-scooters called Urban Mobility Vehicles by BMW
  • F series – parallel-twin engines of 798 cc capacity, featuring either chain or belt drive. Models are F650GS, F700GS, F800GS, F800R, F800S, F800GT and F800ST.
  • G series – single-cylinder engines of 449 to 652 cc capacity featuring chain drive. Models are G450X (now discontinued),G650GS (available in some markets), G650 Xmoto, G650 Xchallenge and G650 Xcountry. The 450 cc engines are manufactured by Kymco in Taiwan.The 2009 and 2010 650 cc engine parts were manufactured by Rotax in Austria, with the engine being assembled by Loncin Holdings, Ltd in China.
  • R series – twin-cylinder boxer engines of 1,170 cc capacity featuring shaft drive. Models are R1200GS, R1200R, R1200RTand R1200S.
  • K series – four-cylinder engines of 1,157 to 1,649 cc capacity featuring shaft drive. Models are K1200LT, K1300GT,K1300R and K1300S. In 2011, BMW Motorrad launched the six-cylinder 1,649 cc K1600GT and K1600GTL.
  • S1000RR – sport bike with transverse-mounted, 999 cc inline-four engine.
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